SUPERTOX Mais Forte 400ml Insecticide

SUPERTOX® Mais Forte 400ml insecticide

SUPERTOX Mais Forte is Africa's leading consumer insecticide. Sold in Africa since 1972, the product has been continuously developed over the years to deal with the problem of adapting mosquitos.

SUPERTOX Mais Forte 400ml is formulated to combine a fast knock-down action and a reliable, long-lasting kill-effect on all insects. Especially important for the African countries, SUPERTOX Mais Forte has a strong eliminating effect on mosquitoes. In spite of various formulation changes which have increased the efficiency over the years, SUPERTOX® Mais Forte has retained its characteristic scent.

SUPERTOX Insecticides are produced under the ISO 9001-2000 Quality System and comply with the latest European legislation.

English, French, Spanish and Portuguese safety and how-to-use instructions are included on the can.

Supertox Insecticide is also available with a non D.D.V.P. formulation.

SUPERTOX is a registered trademark of Gyllentorget Brands Ltd. of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Size / Quantity Details
Product Type
Shipping Description

The product is available in cartons with 12 cans

The carton dimensions are: LxWxH in mm: 233x175x255

One-way euro pallet: 1,764 cans per pallet

Full 20 foot container: 2,750 cartons x 12 = 33,000 cans

Full 40 foot High Cube container: 6,419 cartons x 12 = 77,028 cans