ATACK® Insect Repellent Spray

ATACK Control Insect Repellent 150ml

Bites from insects are not only annoying and a disturbing factor in enjoyable outdoor activities, but there is also a growing awareness of mosquito-borne illnesses such as Malaria, West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever, Dengue Fever and Meningitis.

ATACK® Control Insect Repellent is a reliable protective spray to keep mosquitoes, gnats, flies, wasps and other flying insects away from your skin. ATACK® Control Insect Repellent is DEET-free, which makes it suitable for use on children of 12 months and older. ATACK® Control uses the newly developed active ingredient IR3535 with its excellent repellent qualities in a balanced combination with citronella oil and a skin care ingredient. The high level of the repellent agent will give protection up to 8 hours, even under tropical conditions.

ATACK® Control Insect Repellent is a convenient, non-greasy spray. The fine mist is easy to apply to all skin areas.

Unlike most competing products, ATACK® Control is packaged in aluminum, which is environmentally friendly and easy to recycle.

The product does not have any toxic, allergic or sensitizing properties. The active ingredient IR3535 is recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as an insect repellent.

ATACK® Control Insect Repellent is produced in Europe under ISO 9001-2000 quality standards and complies with all current European legislation.

Size / Quantity Details
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Shipping Description

The product is available in cartons of 12 cans/carton

Carton dimensions: LxWxH in mm: 182x137x173

One-way euro pallet: 2,040 cans per pallet

Full 20 ft. container: 6,450 cartons x 12 = 77,400 cans

Full 40 ft. high cube container: 9,835 cartons x 12 = 118,020 cans

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