Disinfectant | Personal Protective Equipment

Gyllentorget develops and manufactures effective insecticides

GYLLENTORGET is a manufacturer of safe and effective consumer insecticides. Our products are developed for the different regional insecticide requirements around the globe. Some of our brands, like SUPERTOX, have a successful market history spanning more than 40 years.

GYLLENTORGET's products are formulated to be safe, yet effective. Our products are effective against a variety of flying and crawling insects. The products also meet the different economic environments of our clients. 

Our wide range of consumer insecticides include the brands:

  • ATACK®
  • vlido®


As a result of our background in chemical manufacturing we have produced highly effective, alcohol based disinfectants for many years.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

A logical diversification from pharmaceutical disinfectants are personal protective equipment. Our range include protection suits, active and passive particulate respirators (N95 masks), surgical masks, and eye protection (safety glasses) for industrial, laboratory and medical purposes.


Continuous Development

Insects, bacteria and viruses continuously evolve. At GYLLENTORGET we continuously adapt our product formulations to meet this challenge.

We develop effective products which are safe and beneficial for consumers.

Our Mission

GYLLENTORGET evolves with our customers' needs and our market. We continuously develop new product to make our lives better, easier ans safer.


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