PESTEX® Roach Killer


PESTEX® Roach Killer

Formulated to eliminate cockroaches in domestic and industrial premises, PESTEX® Roach Killer improves hygienic conditions. The product has  active ingredients for an immediate knockdown and an additinal active for a long-term effect.

English, French and Portuguese safety and how to use instructions are included on the can.

Size / Quantity Details
Product Type
Shipping Description

cartons of 12 cans cartons: LxWxH in mm: 215x160x238

one-way euro pallet: 2,016 cans per pallet

full 20 ft. container: 3,400 cartons x 12 = 40,800 cans

full 40 ft. high cube container: 7,920 cartons x 12 = 95,040 cans