ATACK® Wasp Killer


ATACK® Wasp Killer eliminates wasps

The Atack® Waspkiller can be used indoors for entire rooms, as well as outdoors on your balcony, terrace or garage,

Due to the extra strong formulation, Atack® Waspkiller is capable of getting rid of individual insects and/or wiping out complete nests. By spraying window frames and door openings, Atack® Waspkiller can prevent wasps from entering the house or building colonies at the treated location.

Atack® Waspkiller is produced under ISO 9001-2000 certifivation and complies with the latest European legislation.

English, French, Spanish and Dutch safety and how to use instructions are included on the can.

Size / Quantity Details
Product Type
Shipping Description

cartons of 12 cans carton: LxWxH in mm: 233x175x255

One-way euro pallet: 1,764 cans per pallet

Full 20ft. container: 2,750 cartons x 12 = 33,000 cans

Full 40ft. container: 6,419 cartons x 12 = 77,028 cans